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Bowlifi is an American bowling jersey apparel brand that was seeking increased sales on their ecommerce platform.

Challenge: Determine what the customer considers important when buying a jersey.

Solution: Deep dive survey of the existing customer base to determine customer needs.

Challenge: The customer was boosting posts and offers, but was unable to track results.

Solution: Tracking pixel was set up and integrated with a sophisticated ad approach.

Challenge: Find the company’s audience on Facebook.

Solution: Uploading purchase lists to Facebook and creating audiences. Testing a range of audiences and interests.


Their Story

Design, Fit, Price

Launched in 2008, Bowlifi is an ecommerce-driven custom apparel company headquartered in Iowa. The company designs and sells bowling attire. Their unique selling position is that they are able to print anything on a high quality bowling jersey and deliver it a reasonable price.

Their Goal

Encouraging ecommerce purchases

Bowfili wanted to attract and encourage people to engage with the brand and make clothing sales.


Deep Dive
Before we ran any ads for the company, we did a deep dive survey to their existing customer list. Questions like, “What is most important to you in bowling apparel?” were posed to the list. Once we knew what customers wanted, we were able to design ad campaigns that speak to the customer’s needs, wants and desires.

Follow Up
Weber implemented an email marketing solution that is specifically designed for ecommerce. ‘Abandon cart’ and other sequences were put in place to encourage customers to return the property. The initiative has turned into a significant portion of the company’s income.

Ad Campaigns
A number of different ad campaigns were leveraged to determine what customers engaged with most. Dynamic Product ads that integrate with their website have proved an effective method to engage users with the brand.

We implemented a monthly giveaway of a jersey. This is a very socially driven giveaway, inviting users to give their email list to sign up and take actions on social media for more entries. The giveaway ads about 1,000 new users to the email list monthly and is ROI positive.


Return on Ad Spend

During the four day window, we were able to use a combination of Video View campaigns, a Like Campaign, Dynamic Product Ads, Retargeting, Facebook Catalog Ads, a giveaway and a promotion to deliver to the client a dramatic 29.69 Return on Ad Spend.

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