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Who is Weber Digital Marketing?

Founded in 2011, co-founder Daryl Weber created a hub to disseminate advice and training tips for wrestlers, coaches and parents. Daryl brought on his brother to expand the business with his digital marketing expertise. 

Over time, the brothers created a bullet-proof, volume-tested, marketing machine designed to take a customer on a journey to help them solve a specific problem.

As they got better and better at helping their own customers...

This started to happen... Over and Over...

"Hey Daryl, can you help me get more customers, like you do with athletics only in my niche?"

"Hey Lee, what would it cost to get your marketing machine going to help my business?"

"Hey Guys... I want to raise a bunch of money for my non-profit... Can you help me?"

You know... Opportunity knocks....

We helped some businesses and non-profits explode their results.

So now... We are looking for FIVE new businesses to help.


Can Weber Digital Help ME?

Great Question.

If you arrived to this page from an email, we mostly likely found you (with an advertisement) on Facebook. We paid for you to see our content and to get involved in our education program. We take customers on a journey from needing help, to being better... (think before and after)

And it usually starts with something like this:

One of Our Top Ads

Few things to note:

  • This is a paid advertisement.
  • It has 28,000 responses (likes, loves, etc.).
  • It has 6,944 shares. For those of you who work with your brand on Facebook, you understand how happy we are with that stat. It means that almost seven thousand people shared it, expanding our organic reach by 7,000...
  • This is where a lot of people enter our customer journey, with a free piece of valuable content that they trade their contact information to view... Honest and value driven. (You want this... Don't you?)

Next Steps?

Our goal is to continue to build positive results for our customers and for their customers. If we can't help you or our program isn't right for you... We are going to tell you straight... 

What we don't do:

  • If you DON'T have an existing business that is established, we can't help you. We have a machine. But it's only for a business that has existing products and services. (Car Dealers, Surgeons, Chiropractors, Real Estate Agents, eCommerce...)
  • We don't design websites. We design customer flow. If you want a pretty website that does nothing but be pretty, we can't help ya.
  • We don't do engagement as a vanity metric. Shares and social engagement are neat, but we want you to get paid. You can't feed your kid with engagement. We get leads which you can turn into dollars.

If you are looking to reach more people and guide them on a journey, just like we do in wrestling and our other niches... Fill out the form below...


The Weber Brothers

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  • $270,269.54 in Net Income for ecommerce client generated from ads from March to July 2018.
  • Captured over 150,000 email leads for Attack Style Wrestling
  • Sold over 1.5 Million in Attack Style Wrestling Instructional Products
  • Added 2,500 emails to a client’s in three months using a Giveaway/Contest
  • Increased Hawkeye Wrestling Club's arctic plunge from $100,000 to $180,000.
  • Took HWC email list from 200 to 5000+
  • Helped build HWC's recurring revenue from $0-$12,000 monthly recurring revenue.
  • Increased the Southeast Regional Training Centers donor count to the highest level ever, in one year.
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What We Do

Tell Us A Little More About You & Your Business...
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Who Are We?

Daryl Weber

A National Champ Wrestler and member of the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame, Coach Daryl Weber started Weber Digital in 2011. He delivered high quality wrestling tactics which grew into Attack Style Wrestling, GableTrained.com, and a number of other education brands. Daryl is an expert content strategist, email marketer, copywriter, and much more!

Lee Weber

Lee Weber is the Facebook Ads guru of the Weber Digital team, driving hundreds of thousands of dollars of value to funnel users through a positive educational experience. Lee has been involved in digital marketing since attending college at the University of Iowa. He is an expert in paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, and funnel creation.


Brian started in Digital Marketing in 2010. He has owned an affiliate network, promoted everything from supplements to insurance. He is an expert Facebook marketer, regularly overdelivering with return on ad spend. Brian holds eight marketing certifications, including one from Google Adwords.


Teresa’s background started in graphic and web design nearly 20 years ago.  She has done freelance writing for local and national magazines.  Over the past three years, she has immersed herself in all things digital marketing:  building email lists, building funnels and landing pages and creating and implementing Facebook ad campaigns.  She has a heart for small businesses and non-profit organizations and wants to help them succeed in their marketing efforts and online presence.

*In addition to the good looking folks above, the company has a team of people working in Virginia and Iowa that assist with everything from copywriting, funnel creation, ad management, email marketing, and everything in between...

I have been working with a member of the Weber Digital team for the last three years to leverage Facebook advertising. I have exploded my business in a hyper-niche, local category.

Tell Us A Little More About You & Your Business...
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